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EMBASSY CARGO is a company that was established in 2003, primarily focused on Freight Forwarding and Training & Development. 

The company’s core mission goes beyond simply transporting cargo. EMBASSY CARGO aims to support its clients’ financial and operational objectives by collaborating with them at every stage of the shipment process. Their approach is to enhance the traditional freight forwarder relationship, offering transparent logistic solutions that are in sync with their clients’ business strategies.

Freight Forwarding

Offer comprehensive freight forwarding services, including the coordination and management of the entire logistics process, from cargo pickup to delivery. This can involve various modes of transportation, such as sea freight, air freight, and land transportation.

Air Freight Services

Specialize in air freight logistics, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods via air carriers. Highlight your expertise in handling time-sensitive or high-value cargo that requires rapid transportation.


Provide reliable courier services for smaller parcels and documents, with a focus on secure and timely deliveries. Emphasize the convenience and speed of your courier solutions.
Unlock the potential of seamless logistics with EMBASSY CARGO

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Why Choose Us?

Choose EMBASSY CARGO because we bring a wealth of experience and excellence to the world of logistics. For nearly two decades, we have honed our expertise, successfully navigating the complexities of the industry. Our global reach, bolstered by a network of offices and partners, ensures your cargo moves efficiently and reliably. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation and transparency. We don’t just move cargo; we provide tailored solutions that align with your business strategy, optimizing your supply chain and bolstering your operational efficiency. Trust EMBASSY CARGO to be your logistics partner of choice, committed to delivering results that drive your success.
Proven Expertise

With nearly two decades of experience, EMBASSY CARGO has a track record of delivering exceptional logistics solutions. Our seasoned team has navigated diverse challenges, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly.

Global Reach, Local Care

We offer a global network of offices, hubs, and partners, combined with a personalized touch. No matter where you are, our team is dedicated to meeting your unique requirements with agility and efficiency.

Innovation and Transparency

EMBASSY CARGO goes beyond traditional logistics. We provide transparent solutions aligned with your business strategy. Expect innovative approaches that optimize your supply chain and enhance your bottom line. Choose us for a logistics partner that makes a real difference.


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Well managed and organised, no hassle , and was amazed how quick my items were delivered. 3 c/box and 1 w/box I was worried at first if there are any schemes of added charges but it was accurate without any add ons. I appreciate the team and I vouch for them .
Giselle Dsouza
The best option that I’ve chosen recently for cargo. Customer care guy was so helpful unfortunately I don’t remember his name anyway I will recommend this option to my friends also for sure. Thankyou guys)
Best cargo delivery from Dubai to Sri Lanka!! Quick and prompt service. Kasun was wonderful and helped me a lot with loading. My package reached Sri Lanka safely without a single scratch.
Hafsa Aroos
The most reliable agency I have found to exchange goods between Sri Lanka and U.A.E .
Janith Nilukshana